Pyrite Game Co.

Hack the Planet is set in an alternate universe that is not too far off from our own. Make sure your hardware is powerful enough and your hacking skills are up to snuff. Don’t forget that you will also need some social engineering and physical penetration tools to move about freely in real life (IRL). The more 1337 you get the more HEAT you may attract from local, national and global forces, be careful!


Where can I get the game?

Nowhere… yet! but please be on the lookout for playtesting opportunites on Instagram or twitter

When will it be available?

That all depends on funding. We are hoping to have a beta ready for kickstarter launch early 2023

Can I preorder?

Not quite yet. We intend to launch a kickstarter in Q1 2023 for preorder and delivery as soon as we secure finding. Speaking of…


We’re glad you asked! If your loaded buddy, or grandpa… really whoever is as excited about a novel gaming experience as we are excited to get it in your hands please contact us below